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16 Oct 2018

Join Us

Saat ini PT Titis Sampurna belum membuka lowongan pekerjaan. Pengumuman lowongan pekerjaan PT Titis Sampurna diinformasikan secara resmi melalui website www.titissampurna.com dan media cetak ternama, serta perusahaan tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses seleksi penerimaan calon pegawai. Harap berhati-hati terhadap modus penipuan terkait informasi lowongan kerja yang mengatasnamakan PT Titis Sampurna, dan perusahaan tidak bertanggung jawab terhadap pihak-pihak yang dirugikan atas penipuan tersebut.

16 Oct 2015

Message from The CEO

In every journey, there is always a manifestation of dreams, hard work, and dedication. In the spirit of giving our best to our beloved country, Titis Sampurna hopes to be a significant part in the long history of oil and gas industry in general, and the energy industry in particular. It has been more than 40 years of hard work and sometimes, struggle, in assuring that we indeed have left a significant mark in the industry. It was never a […]

16 Oct 2015

Core Values, Vision & Mission

The time has come for local companies to become the main player in our home country. We want to promote local expertise as a reliable resource in the energy industry. Our vision is to be a leading domestic company in energy industry. To achieve our vision, we are guided by three core values that provided the foundation for our work ethic and way of thinking. Our core values are: PERSISTENT: We are driven by challenges and difficulties; CONSISTENT: Since our early […]

16 Oct 2015

Our Company History

Our journey began in early 80’s, when Mr. Kadek Sardjana and his colleagues, Mr. Trisunu Sudewo, Mr. R. Sujono Hardjodimuljo, Mr. Yufimar Ali, and Mr. Afud Machfudin established a Company engaging in Oil and Gas Industry, such company named by Mr. R. Sujono Hardjodimuljo, TITIS SAMPURNA, which means “Right on Target”. We were defined by 4 decades journey that has molded our character and honed our expertise. We understand that past accomplishments mean nothing without the ability to learn and […]

16 Oct 2015

Sarana Energi Sampurna

PT. SARANA ENERGI SAMPURNA Established : 2008 Office : Jl. Pamularsih Raya No. 58 – Semarang Services : Energy Trading