Nafta Trading DSLNG

We distribute and trade nafta (condensate), the side product of DSLNG (Donggi Senoro, Luwuk – Sulawesi Tengah), to petrochemical plant

Lentera Pagan Gaharu

Located in Desa Ketitang Kabupaten Grobogan, Central Java, Lentera Pagan Gaharu is formed  to retest, repair and repaint 3-kg LPG containers in support of...

Operation & Maintenance CPP Gundih

CPP Gundih consist of process units, utility units, and custody meter including the last handover point of side products. Its main responsibility is to maintain...

Empora, Property Investment & Management

Empora Gaharu was founded in 2012 as a management, asset handling, and property development company. Hotel Arra is the property landmark of Empora Gaharu...

Titis Sampurna Inspection

Titis Sampurna Inspection has been consistently acting as a pioneer in extending the expertise of Indonesian industry by delivering close attention to efficiency, safety,...

Cepu, Central Java CNG Facilities

The facility was built in 2007 and has been operating since 2008. The CNG facility optimizes the use of used-to-be neglected flared gas and...

SPP Gas Transmission and Pipeline Project

SPP is a special purpose vehicle built to run the 140 km Gas Transmission System project from Gundih, Cepu to Tambak Lorong Power Plant...

Air Serdang & Beringin Gas Utilization Project

In order to maximize the benefit of the natural gas utilization, Titis Sampurna includes in its design to build a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)...