Core Values, Vision & Mission

The time has come for local companies to become the main player in our home country. We want to promote local expertise as a reliable resource in the energy industry. Our vision is to be a leading domestic company in energy industry. To achieve our vision, we are guided by three core values that provided the foundation for our work ethic and way of thinking.

Our core values are:

  • PERSISTENT: We are driven by challenges and difficulties;
  • CONSISTENT: Since our early days we always strife to give the best possible solution, and
  • PRUDENT: We realise the need for collaboration for a sustainable energy industry.

Our core values are the foundation in creating our people work ethics and way of thinking. These core values are embodied in six missions which every person strive to achieve. The six missions are:

  • To develop local expertise in energy industry;
  • To be a reliable and trustworthy partner for customer, government and other stakeholders;
  • To maintain technology & business innovation;
  • Participate in providing the industry with an economic-price energy;
  • Continues improvement in all aspects;
  • To contribute in improving the welfare of stakeholders.

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